Alvmac – High Precision Machines and robot application

ALVMAC founder 50 years ago...

The history of AVMAC goes back to 1971, when Mr. Álvaro Faria, born in a humble family, started working at the age of 14 in a mechanics workshop.

By the time he was making engines for motorbikes, he started studying precision mechanics. For 6 years he would enter the mechanics workshop at 7.30 a.m., and finish his studies at 11 p.m. “…only with a lunch in his backpack”.

His path was marked by sweat, tears and resilience, and he states that the difficulties he overcame turned into a key for success.

His initial work was in a conventional mechanical lathe in crankshaft rectification. From tender age he became passionate about precision mechanics and the manufacture of technical parts. 

Since then he continued to perfect the area that motivated him so passionately. In 1982 Mr. Faria moved into another company, where he  began   manufacturing plastic injection moulds in a conventional lathe.

At a certain point he felt that his development was becoming compromised, so in 1989 he decided to take a risky but decisive step and founded his own company, starting a journey that is still going on today, and to which he dedicates himself with the determination and tenacity he has imposed on himself throughout his life.

“…Sweat, Sacrifice and Intelligence”.

Meet the Dream Team

Benefiting from decades of research and development in robotic technology, and its widespread application in companies, we believe that its continued use will bring added benefits.

Contrary to popular myth, the impact on markets has been very positive, generating jobs in areas never imagined!

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